Intensification of CO2 capture processes

January 2020 – June 2022

In order to limit the effects of global warming, introduction of CO2 capture technology is absolutely and urgently required. However, the high cost and technological limitations of available CO2 separation technologies restrict their successful and general industrial deployment in the CO2 capture and utilization (CCU) context.

In this short project, we aim at the development of new and more efficient, sustainable and economically viable CO2 capture and separation technology.

Different routes will be explored to achieve this goaI:

  1. Intensification of mass and heat transfer processes in CO2 capture is aimed at using a vortex unit and a photochemical aerosol reactor.
  2. Electrification of the CO2 capture processes using microwave and inductive heating will be implemented in order to develop faster and more efficient separation cycles.
  3. The integration of CO2 capture and conversion is envisioned using alkali-mediated capture combined with electrochemical conversion of CO2 into chemicals.

Experimental test devices will be developed and/or modified in order to investigate these new concepts and deliver proof of principles. Models will be built that allow the assessment of the new technologies in terms of efficiency. At the end of the project, bottlenecks should be identified and solutions to overcome these bottlenecks will be proposed. It will be evaluated which technologies have the potential for further industrial implementation and which specific CO2 capture niches should be aimed at.
To tackle this challenge, a multidisciplinary team has been built with experts in process intensification, separation processes, functional material development, electrochemistry and techno-economical assessment.