BE-HyFE-Belgian Hydrogen Fundamental Expertise

September 2021 – February 2026
BE-HyFE stands for Belgian Hydrogen Fundamental Expertise and reads like ‘beehive’, which is what we want to offer to our research community: an organized structure in which our researchers all work for a common goal, gathering expertise (instead of honey!), cross-pollinate one another with knowledge and – next to the focus on their own research topic – see their role as ambassadors for the Belgian academic hydrogen network as a collective responsibility.

The aim of the project is to create a Belgian homebase for academic hydrogen expertise by establishing a core group of 16 broadly trained and highly networked early-stage researchers who can, together with their extended academic peer-network, support the Belgian industry in finding both technological and societal solutions to essential hydrogen challenges. They will achieve this by pursuing excellence in their fundamental research, obtaining specialized skills through extensive training and exchanging knowledge between peers and within the academic-industrial network.