Green valorisation of CO2 and nitrogen compounds for making fertilizers (CONFETI)

November 2023 – October 2026
CONFETI project proposes the development of a lab-scale validated innovative technology that is able to utilise and electrochemically convert CO2 and N2 directly from air or flue gases without the use of critical raw materials and using renewable energy sources. By the production of urea from N (N2 and/or NO3) and CO2, the project aims to ensure a circular and renewable carbon and nitrogen economy by recycling and converting the NO3 not consume by the plant into ammonia or urea using photocatalytic technologies based on sunlight. The technology proposed in the current project to synthetize and deliver urea fertilizer to plants will follow sustainable agriculture models by promoting the efficiency of available resources, the sustainability of the agricultural sector, the preservation of the environment and the safety and quality of products. For many developing countries, agriculture is the dominant sector in developing the economy. Increasing productivity and the modernization of agricultural production systems are the primary drivers of global poverty reduction and energy.