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The strength of engineering

At ELCAT every reactor used, is made in house i.e. electrolyzers, fuelcells, H-cells, photoelectrochemicalreactors, batteries, 2D and 3D electrodes,..
Develloping a reactor starts with an initial discussion and which leads to a first CAD design, afterwards this CAD design will be transformed in a first rendered 3D reactor with every part visible. If the design suffice to all needs we start the engineering design in order to construct the reactor. For this a wide variety of machines and tools, are used at ELCAT. A CNC micromilling machine, 3D printer (plastic and metal), casting, and our newest state of the art 5-axis femtosecond micromachining laser are the most used. It’s possible to make reactors from micro to decimeter scale with these machines. On top of that the micromachining laser enables us to change the surface structure on picoscale. When the first prototype is finished, ELCAT can test, characterize, and afterwards optimize the reactor for a next generation.

The road of innovation

ELCAT is a strong asset for your company due to the knowledge and the dedication of our team in creating various reactors from small-scale ( 1 cm²) to large -scale (> 200 cm²) reactors for various applications. Our team is prepared to collaborate with your company to grow to new stages of innovation. The years of research will be a great asset for design the next generation of tailor-made reactors for research and industry. Furthermore, we are able to match your needs by using our multipurpose equipment and our specialized expertise.

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