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Towards a targeted optimization of electrocatalysts by combining electrosynthesis with in-situ electron paramagnetic resonance

In recent years, there has been a growing search for clean, environmental friendly methodologies for organic synthesis. Organic electrochemistry offers an interesting alternative to tackle the issues for organic transformations. Electrochemical synthesis mostly needs fewer steps and produces less waste with the electron as a cheap, clean and energetically efficient reagent. However, the applicability of electrosynthesis depends on the selection of the electrocatalyst as a way to decrease the energy demand of the reactions. In the current state of the art, these catalysts are still subject to further improvements. In…

Innovative three-dimensional electron microscopy to boost the catalytic activity of core-shell nanostructures

Electron tomography has evolved into a state-of-the-art technique to investigate the 3 dimensional structure of nanomaterials, also at the atomic scale. However, new developments in the field of nanotechnology drive the need for even more advanced quantitative characterization techniques in 3 dimensions that can be applied to complex (hetero-)nanostructures.

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