Altantzis Thomas

Electrocatalysis combined with in-situ transmission electron microscopy

The goal of this project is to perform an in-situ structural, morphological and compositional characterization of bimetallic electrocatalytic nanoparticles (NPs) both at the nanometer and the atomic scale. We will synthesize bimetallic NPs electrochemically and/or through colloidal chemistry, by tuning the ratio of different elements including Pt, Ni, Ag, Cu and Sn.

Electron tomography combined with state-of-the-art electrochemistry to gain better insight into the role of the different components of the active layer in a CO2 electrolyzer

Renewable energy sources can offer a solution for excessive emissions of greenhouse gases and to the expected decrease in availability of fossil fuels in the near future. Both problems would find a common solution if we were able to develop energy-efficient processes to convert (low concentrated) CO2 streams into fuels and useful chemical products, ensuring a positive economic and environmental balance.