Tom Breugelmans

Catalysis for sustainable organic chemistry (CASCH)

Catalysis is a key technology to achieve more efficient and greener organic synthesis. Complementary expertise on the development of new (homogenous and heterogeneous) catalysts (redox, photo and electrocatalysis) will be brought together with organic synthesis know-how in one center.

Reduction Oxidation Recycling (RedOxRec)

The project aims at providing a working use-case on the recovery of noble metals from production waste of electronics production sites, in order to increase resource efficiency through recycling and this through the development and validation of a small to medium scale and environmental-friendly chemical extraction process based on electrodeposition.

Advanced support materials for electrocatalysis

Over the last decade, the use of nanotechnology in electrochemical catalysis has become extreme important. Sole nanoparticles, however, do not yet constitute an electrode. Hence, deposition on a conducting support structure is indispensable

Construction of a prototype electrosynthesis reactor

The production of organic chemicals by means of electrosynthesis can dramatically increase reaction efficiency. The approach of this project is to construct a prototype reactor setup to facilitate the transition from classical chemical towards electrochemical pathways.