Dioxide to monoxide (D2M): innovative catalysis for CO2 to CO conversion

The aim of this project is to study, explore and develop various (catalytic) technologies for the production of CO as platform chemical via conversion of CO2. A technology assessment will subsequently be carried out to evaluate the potential of each technology, pinpointing promising strategies for further development and upscaling.

Reduction_Oxidation_Recycling (RedOxRec)

The project aims at providing a working use-case on the recovery of noble metals from production waste of electronics production sites, in order to increase resource efficiency through recycling and this through the development and validation of a small to medium scale and environmental-friendly chemical extraction process based on electrodeposition.

Advanced support materials for electrocatalysis

Over the last decade, the use of nanotechnology in electrochemical catalysis has become extreme important. Sole nanoparticles, however, do not yet constitute an electrode. Hence, deposition on a conducting support structure is indispensable